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Ready-to-sell Bouquets

with your own composition and labels



bouquets per year


plants per year

12.000 m2

production unit


We are Montfleury!

Montfleury: Your wholesale partner for ready-to-sell bouquets, plants, and decorations. From meticulous selection of top-tier flowers to crafting market-ready bouquets, we seamlessly guide our clients from start to finish.

  • Ready-to-sell products (with custom labels included)

  • Craft your unique products

  • Delivered to you within 2 days

Leader in 

B2B distribution

More than 20 years of experience

Temperature-Controlled Transport

Free EDI


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Create your own bouquet

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Select your decoration

Your own decoration or seasonal accessories/sleeves? We've got it all!


Select your flowers

You can personally select the flowers for your bouquet. You choose, and we take care of strategic procurement.

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Customized label?

Customize your bouquets with your own label, logo, price tag, or barcode. We make your bouquets retail-ready."



All bouquets are meticulously curated and include premium nutrition, a (stylish) bucket, and a quality box. Catering to your unique preferences? We're here to exceed your expectations!


"Numerous supermarket chains and retailers grapple with soaring expenses and slim profit margins. At Montfleury, we excel in cost-effectiveness through strategic procurement, streamlined production, and collaborative partnerships"

Frederic Meniai - C.E.O


Market-Ready Bouquets

Montfleury is the wholesale partner for flowers, plants, ready-to-sell bouquets and decorations.

More than 20 years of experience with creating high quality bouquets and decorations.

You choose the flowers, materials and decorations, we produce it!

Premium Plants

Premium-Quality plants straight from the Grower, enhanced with trendy pots, vases, or decorations. You can sell it directly to your customers!

All our plants are equipped with a unique Plant Passport, decoration and packaging.

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Wide Range of Flowers

Latest news

Large volumes and fast delivery?

We take care of it! 

Recieve a free quatation
within 1 working day

Curious about the opportunities for your organization? Our dedicated account managers are at your service!

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